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Stay on Top of Your Truck's Maintenance

Get your wheels aligned at Extreme Truck Outfitters

Do you own a farm? Are you in the construction business? If so, you likely use your truck for hauling heavy materials. You may also find yourself driving off-road. Make sure your truck can take the abuse you're dishing out by getting routine maintenance done at Extreme Truck Outfitters.

We provide truck owners with affordable, reliable auto repair services. You can count on us to realign your wheels, check your brakes and do whatever else it takes to keep your truck safe for the road.

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3 signs that you need brake repairs

Your brakes will eventually wear out, and can do so quickly if you put your truck to heavy use. Here are some signs that you're overdue for brake service:

It takes longer than usual to come to a stop.
Your brake pedal vibrates when you push down.
When you apply the brakes, you hear a high-pitched squealing noise.

Regular maintenance increases the service life of your vehicle. It also keeps you safer on the road.

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