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A.R.E. Truck Caps

All A.R.E. Truck Toppers are custom made to order. Prices vary depending on the options the customer wants to install.

  • Z Series Z Series

    The Z Series truck cap is engineered to provide the best fit and finish possible. The styling, frameless doors and windows, and attention to details make the Z-Series the perfect choice for any truck. And the optional keyless entry system is a great final touch.

    The Z Series truck cap is engineered to provide the best fit and finish possible. The styling, frameless doors and windows, and attention to details make the Z-Series the perfect choice for any truck. And the optional keyless entry system is a great final touch.

    Z Series Fits the Following Trucks
    Truck Size Bed Size Height* Door Clearance** Weight***
    Full & Mid Long Bed 23" 32" 190 lbs.
    Full & Mid Short Bed 23" 32" 180 lbs.
    Full & Mid Extra Short Bed 23" 32" 150 lbs.
    Full & Mid Step Side Bed 23" 32" 150 lbs.
    Mini Short Bed 20" 29.5" 130 lbs.
    Mini Extra Short Bed 20" 29.5" 130 lbs.
    * Maximum height from base rail of truck
    ** Rear door minimum clearance for loading (with truck tailgate down)
    *** Approximate Gross Weight
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  • X Series X Series

    The X Series is A.R.E.'s newest truck cap design. Featuring our innovative painted composite frame, this new cap will give your truck the "X Factor."

    X Series Fits the Following Trucks
    Truck Size Bed Size Height* Door Clearance** Weight***
    Full & Mid Long Bed 23" 34" 185 lbs.
    Full & Mid Short Bed 23" 34" 175 lbs.
    Full & Mid Extra Short Bed 23" 34" 160 lbs.
    Full & Mid Step Side Bed 23" 34" 160 lbs.
    * Maximum height from base rail of truck
    ** Rear door minimum clearance for loading (with truck tailgate down)
    *** Approximate Gross Weight
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  • V Series V Series

    The V Series offers traditional styling with smooth, clean lines, and many different options to meet your needs. This model is the right choice for customers who want quality and function, without breaking the bank. The side tool box option is a great addition for any contractor.

    V Series Fits the Following Trucks
    Truck Size Bed Size Height* Door Clearance** Weight***
    Full & Mid Long Bed 23" 36" 175 lbs.
    Full & Mid Short Bed 23" 36" 175 lbs.
    Full & Mid Extra Short Bed 23" 36" 160 lbs.
    Full & Mid Step Side Bed 23" 36" 160 lbs.
    Mini Long Bed 20" 33.5" 140 lbs.
    Mini Short Bed 20" 33.5" 130 lbs.
    Mini Extra Short Bed 20" 33.5" 128 lbs.
    Mini Step Side Bed 20" 33.5" 120 lbs.
    * Maximum height from base rail of truck
    ** Rear door minimum clearance for loading (with truck tailgate down)
    *** Approximate Gross Weight
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  • TW Series TW Series

    The steady rising design of the TW-Series takes full advantage of the capacity of your truck bed. Maximum head room, easy access, and aerodynamic styling make the TW-Series perfect for hauling gear while providing efficient airflow up and over any camper, trailer, or boat.

    TW Series Fits the Following Trucks
    Truck Size Bed Size Height* Door Clearance** Weight***
    Full & Mid Long Bed 31" 45" 200 lbs.
    Full & Mid Short Bed 31" 45" 190 lbs.
    Mini Long Bed 28.5" 39" 160 lbs.
    Mini Short Bed 28.5" 39" 150 lbs.
    * Maximum height from base rail of truck
    ** Rear door minimum clearance for loading (with truck tailgate down)
    *** Approximate Gross Weight
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  • Toolmaster Series Toolmaster Series

    The ToolMaster Series by A.R.E. offers a true fiberglass commercial cap solution. It is rugged and reliable, featuring heavy duty doors and toolboxes, along with a commercial grade ladder rack. At the same time, the ToolMaster Series offers the styling and finish that only a fiberglass truck cap can provide.

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  • Site Commander Site Commander

    The brand new Site Commander by A.R.E. is made from composite construction which offers more structural strength with less weight, so you can carry more. All of this comes with cost savings over vans. Currently available for 2009 and newer Ford F150 long bed (8ft) trucks. Other models coming soon!

    Site Commander Specifications

    • Outside Height 28" from the base rail of the truck
    • Side Door Access 75" L x 21.5" H
    • Rear Door Access 40.5" H x 50.5" W
    • Tool Box Dimensions 83" L x 26.5" H x 19" D
    • Weight without toolboxes 265 lbs.
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  • RT Series RT Series

    Manufactured out of fiberglass with a reinforced steel structure, the RT Series™ is the tallest cap in the industry which complements the aerodynamic lines of your truck. Whether it is used for leisurely activities, work or simply for its large interior volume, the RT Series is the answer to your needs.

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  • Overland Series Overland Series

    The Overland Series truck cap offers a tougher, more rugged look to complement today’s trucks. It’s unique two-toned off-road design features a spray-on protective coating which increases strength in high stress areas.

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  • MX Series MX Series

    The MX Series’ mid high roof provides more headroom and storage capacity, while offering easier access to your gear. The exclusive walk-in door option provides effortless access plus better line-of-sight for users who pull trailers or boats.

    MX Series Fits the Following Trucks
    Truck Size Bed Size Height* Door Clearance** Weight***
    Full & Mid Long Bed 28.5" 38" 200 lbs.
    Full & Mid Short Bed 28.5" 38" 190 lbs.
    Full & Mid Extra Short Bed 28.5" 38" 180 lbs.
    Mini Long Bed 26" 35" 160 lbs.
    Mini Short Bed 26" 35" 150 lbs.
    Mini Extra Short Bed 26" 35" 135 lbs.
    Walk-In Door Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Tundra, Dakota 28.5" - 62 lbs.
    Walk-In Door S-10, Ranger, Tacoma 26" - 55 lbs.
    * Maximum height from base rail of truck
    ** Rear door minimum clearance for loading (with truck tailgate down)
    *** Approximate Gross Weight
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  • DCU Series DCU Series

    With over 200 variations to choose from, you can create the perfect cap to fit your work needs. Our rugged, fully welded frame construction offers years of durable service, no matter what the weather or job. There’s a reason that the A.R.E. DCU Series is the only truck cap that received a 10 out of 10 rating by Handyman Magazine readers.

    All Sizes - Height X Width - Inches
    Cap Height Cap Length 1/2 Rear Door Single Full Rear Door Double Full Rear Door Opening Opening Std. Single Side Door Full Length Full Length
    23" 75" T 18 x 45 1/2 35 x 31 35 x 42 16 3/8 x 66
    23" 75" B 18 x 51 1/2      
    23" 79" T 18 x 45 1/2 39 x 31 39 x 48 16 3/8 x 70
    23" 79" B 18 x 60 1/2      
    23" 98" T 18 x 53 1/2 39 x 31 39 x 48 16 3/8 x 91
    23" 98" B 18 x 60 1/2      
    Cap Height Cap Length 1/2 Rear Door Single Full Rear Door Double Full Rear Door Opening Std. Single Side Door Full Length
    29" 75" T 24 x 45 1/2 41 x 31 41 x 42 22 1/2 x 66
    29" 75" B 24 x 51 1/2      
    29" 79" T 24 x 45 1/2 45 x 31 45 x 48 22 1/2 x 70
    29" 79" B 24 x 60 1/2      
    29" 98" T 24 x 45 1/2 45 x 31 45 x 48 22 1/2 x 91
    29" 98" B 24 x 60 1/2      
    Cap Height Cap Length 1/2 Rear Door Single Full Rear Door Double Full Rear Door Opening Std. Single Side Door Full Length
    36" 75" T 24 x 53 1/2 45 x 31 45 x 42 22 1/2 x 66
    36" 75" B 24 x 51 1/2      
    36" 79" T 24 x 53 1/2 50 x 31 50 x 48 22 1/2 x 70
    36" 79" B 24 x 60 1/2      
    36" 98" T 24 x 53 1/2 50 x 31 50 x 48 22 1/2 x 91
    36" 98" B 24 x 60 1/2      
    Note: For Hatch Back Rear Door sizes, use full rear door column (Actual clearance will be 2" wider than double full rear door due to construction of door frame from square tubing rather than flamed tubing). 97 - 03 Body F-150 LB has a 84" long standard side door.

    * T = Top Dimension, B = Bottom Dimension
    ** Subtract 2" from door opening width to allow for gas props
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  • Classic Aluminum Series Classic Aluminum Series

    A.R.E.’s aluminum caps offer lightweight, easily removable protection for your cargo. For the value minded consumer, this durable cap offers years of function and reliability. Optional full-vision side windows provide maximum visibility.


    • Radius rear door (two T-lock only)
    • Mitered sliding front window
    • Solid side panel doors (added to glass side door price)
    • Solid rear panel doors (mitered rear)
    • OLT lock
    • Battery operated interior LED light
    • 12 volt interior light
    • Two 12 volt interior LED light
    • Pin switch battery LED
    • Black universal ladder rack
    • DCU deluxe-type ladder rack (mill only) with no center supports
    • Jet rack

    Side Door and Window Options

    • Full Vision 1/4 slider
    • One 40x15 door
    • One 56x15 door
    • One 40x15 awning
    • One 40x15 door and one 40x15 awning
    • One 40x15 door and one 18x15 awning
    • One 40x15 door and one 18x15 glass window
    • One 56x15 door and one 18x15 awning
    • One 56x15 door and one 18x15 glass window
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Coupons & Specials

March Offers:

Recieve a free carpet interior with the purchase of a CX series topper!

Luverne Truck Products

  • Van Steps Van Steps

    Description Soon!

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  • Tuff Guard for Your Semi Tuff Guard for Your Semi

    Luverne’s Tuff Guard provides a lower-rise, stylish alternative to front-end protection for Semi Tractors and Mid-Size Trucks

    • Heavy-Duty 3” Tubular Construction
    • Available in 14 ga. High Polish Stainless Steel or 14 ga. Powder Coated Black 409 Stainless Steel with a 15° or 25° Bend for Specific Applications
    • Universal Fit Guard Assembly with Vehicle-Specific Mounting Brackets
    • Easy Installation - No Drilling or Front-End Modification
    • Mounting Brackets Sold Separately
    • Provides Strong and Stylish Bumper Protection
    • Folds Down for Easy Access to Hood
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  • Tubular Nerf Bars Tubular Nerf Bars

    3” Round Tubular Nerf Bars

    Luverne Nerf Bars assist in vehicle entry and exit - providing stylish design and functionality

    • Custom-Designed for Specific Vehicles
    • Easy, No-Drill Installation on Most Models
    • Heavy-Duty 3” Tube with Mandrel Bends
    • Available in High Polish Stainless Steel (Lifetime Warranty on Finish); and Durable Black Powder Coated Stainless Steel
    • Factory-Installed Brackets and Step Pads

    60° Series Nerf Bars

    • Contemporary, Cradle-Mounted 3” Tubes with 60° Mandrel Bends (Limited Applications)

    4" Oval Nerf Bars

    Oval Style Nerf Bars Feature a Larger Step Area!

    • Custom-Designed for Specific Vehicles in Standard and W2W Lengths
    • Easy, No-Drill Installation on Most Models
    • Heavy-Duty 4” Stainless Steel Tube with Mandrel Bends
    • Longer, Wider Safety Step Pads are Factory Installed
    • Brackets are Factory Installed
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  • Textured Rubber Mud Guards Textured Rubber Mud Guards
    • Custom-Fit Applications Available for Chevrolet/GMC, Ford and Dodge Pickups
    • Universal Fit Applications Available
    • Front or Rear Mud Guards in 12” x 20”, 12” x 23”, and 20” x 23” Sizes
    • Heavy-Duty 3/8” Textured Rubber
    • 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Plate Attached to Bottom Adds Touch of Style
    • Easy to Install (Includes Corrosion-Resistant Mounting Hardware)
    • Improves Vehicle Appearance
    • Extends Body Life by Reducing Rock and Stone Chips
    • Universal Fit Applications Available Without Stainless Steel Attached at Bottom of Rubber
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  • Stainless Steel Side Entry Steps Stainless Steel Side Entry Steps

    Luverne Side Entry Steps assist in vehicle entry and exit - providing attractive and distinctive styling

    Wider Step Pads provide a bold appearance and expanded step area

    • High Polish Stainless Steel 7 Inch Step with Plastic End Caps
    • Available in Custom Sizes to Fit Regular, Extended, Quad, Super, and Crew Cab Pickups & SUVs
    • Easy, No-Drill Installation on Most Models
    • Brackets are Pre-Installed at Factory on Most Models
    • Box Extensions for Short Box, Long Box, and Dual Wheel Models
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  • SST Grille Inserts

    New Off-Road Styling...

    • Custom-engineered and laser cut for a precise fit from high polish Stainless Steel for maximum strength, quality, and supreme styling
    • Select models feature both Horizontal Style or Vertical Style Inserts
    • Installs easily in minutes over existing truck manufacturer’s grille with NO DRILLING or CUTTING
    • Polished to a mirror finish, Luverne’s SST Grille Insert will make a dramatic change in the appearance of your pickup
    • Stainless Steel mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions included
    • Applicable truck models feature logo cutouts
    • SST Grille Inserts are covered by Luverne’s Lifetime Stainless Steel Warranty rotection
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  • Splash Guards Splash Guards

    Luverne Splash Guards are custom-designed for most vehicles. Add the “Flash” of Stainless Steel to Your Pickup with Ease...

    Traditional, Stainless Steel Splash Guards

    • Neoprene Flap
    • Heavy-Duty 18 ga. Stainless Steel Construction
    • Not Affected by Exhaust Heat
    • Easy to Maintain and Install
    • Some Models Feature No Drill Installation
    • Available for Front and Rear Applications in 10”, 12”, 14” and 20”
    • Dual Wheel Applications Available for GM, Ford and Dodge
    • Extends Body Life by Reducing Rock and Stone Ships

    Contoured, Stainless Steel Splash Guards

    • Custom-Fit Applications Available for Chevrolet/GMC, Ford and Dodge Pickups
    • Front or Rear Splash Guards in 12” x 20”, 12” x 23”, and 20” x 23”
    • Injection Molded, Co-Polymer Polypropylene with Stainless Steel Insert
    • UV Stabilized, Resists Fading in the Sun
    • Easy to Install (Includes Corrosion-Resistant Mounting Hardware)
    • Improves Vehicle Appearance
    • Extends Body Life by Reducing Rock and Stone Chips
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  • Regal 7 Oval Step Regal 7 Oval Step
    • High-Polish Stainless Steel 7” Oval Step with Contoured, Factory-Installed Plastic End Caps
    • Styling That’s Hard to Beat with Matching Angled Step Pads & End Caps
    • Features a 7 Inch Wide Step with Factory-Installed, Rugged Non-Skid Polypropylene Step Pads for Safe and Secure Entry & Exit from Your Vehicle
    • Oversize Step Pads are Securely Bolted Into Place
    • Universal Board Lengths Fit a Wide Range of Cab Length & Wheel-to-Wheel Applications (Step Boards and Brackets Packaged Separately)
    • Vehicle-Specific Brackets and Stainless Steel Fasteners Allow for Easy, No-Drill Installation on Most Models (Sold Separately)
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  • Reciever Hitch Steps Reciever Hitch Steps

    MegaStep Receiver Hitch Step
    O-MegaStep Receiver Hitch Step
    Grip Step Receiver Hitch Step
    2" Square Receiver Stinger

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  • Ramp It Cargo Carrier Ramp It Cargo Carrier
    • Receiver Hitch Cargo Carrier with Hideaway Ramp
    • Fits both 2” Standard Receivers and 1-1/4” Receivers
    • Durable Black Powder Coat Finish
    • 28” x 44” Tray with Built-In Holds for Tie Down Straps
    • 500 lb. Capacity with 2” Receiver / 350 lb. Capacity with 1¼” Receiver
    • Ramp Allows for Easy Loading and Unloading of Cargo
    • Expandable Metal Tray and Ramp Allow for Easy Cleaning and Drainage
    • You Must Order the Cargo Carrier and the Stinger of Your Choice for Complete Unit
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  • ProTec Grille Guard ProTec Grille Guard

    Luverne’s ProTec Grille Guard Provides Extra Height Protection with Tuff Guard Styling and Utilizing the Same Bracket System

    • Heavy-Duty 3” Tubular Construction
    • Available in 14 ga. High Polish Stainless Steel or 11 ga. Powder Coated Black Steel with a 15° or 25° Bend for Specific Applications
    • Universal Fit Guard Assembly with Vehicle-Specific Mounting Brackets
    • Easy Installation - No Drilling or Front-End Modification
    • Mounting Brackets Sold Separately
    • Provides Strong and Stylish Bumper, Lights and Grille Protection
    • Folds Down for Easy Access to Hood
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  • Pickup Box Steps Pickup Box Steps

    StepUp Box Step

    • Retractable Step Moves Effortlessly Out of the Way and Locks in the Up Position When Not in Use
    • Allows Easy Access to the Pickup Box and Can be Moved Easily by Hand or Foot
    • Universal Step Assembly and Brackets are Sold Separately
    • Individual Packaging Allows for Many Unique Applications
    • Frame-Mounted Application (Many Applications are No Drill)
    • Black Zinc-Plated Finish over 1/4” Thick Steel
    • Non-Slip Rubber Step Pad
    • Two Step Assemblies and Two Brackets (LH and RH) Must be Ordered for StepUp to be Installed on Both Sides of Truck

    EZ Step

    • Retractable Step Moves Effortlessly Out of the Way and Locks in the Up Position When Not in Use
    • Allows Easy Access to the Rear of the Pickup Box (With or Without Tailgate Down)
    • Can be Moved Easily by Hand or Foot
    • Includes a Large 6” x 7” Step with Non-Slip Rubber Pad
    • Mounts to All Current-Model, Full-Size Pickups Using Vehicle-Specific Brackets
    • Frame-Mounted Brackets Require No Drilling
    • Designed for Driver’s Side Installation (Does Not Work on Dual Exhaust Trucks)
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  • O-Mega Step O-Mega Step

    This Affordable Alternative Provides Contemporary Style & Function for Your Pickup or SUV!

    • Features a 6 inch x 2¾ inch Anodized T-6 Aluminum “Oval” Step Available in Several Lengths
    • Assorted Lengths are Available in Satin, Black Anodized, or Bright Chrome Finish
    • Vehicle-Specific Brackets Allow for Easy, No-Drill Installation
    • Universal Board Lengths Fit a Wide Range of Vehicle Applications
    • Large Step Pads are Constructed of a “No-Break” Polypropylene and can be Positioned and Attached to Suit Customer Preference
    • Brackets are Black Powder Coated High-Strength Steel
    • End Caps are Made of Paintable TPO Plastic
    • Brackets and Step Boards are Sold Separately
    • 78” O-MegaSteps can be Cut to Length in the Field in Order to Make Shorter Applications
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  • Mega Step Mega Step

    The Look & Style of a Nerf Bar Combined with the Convenience of an Extra Wide Step Area

    • High Polish 18 ga. Stainless Steel with Full-Length, Non-Slip Rubber Step
    • Extruded Aluminum Core for Superior Strength
    • Features a 6 1/2” x 3” Step with a Full 5 Inches of Rubber Step Width
    • Step Position on Brackets can be Adjusted In or Out and Forward or Backward to Suit Personal Preference
    • Vehicle-Specific Brackets and Pre-Installed Fasteners Allow for Easy, No-Drill Installation
    • Brackets are Black Powdercoated, High-Strength Steel
    • Custom Mounting Brackets and Desired Step Board are Required for a Complete Application
    • Complete Step Applications are Packaged and Shipped as Two Separate Cartons - Step Boards + Brackets
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  • Luverne Complementary Accessories

    New Off-Road Styling...

    The tough leather grained fabric cover stays tight automatically while it opens and closes in seconds. It is custom-fit to each pickup and is sealed on all four sides to keep out dust, wind and rain. Pre-assembled for easy installation, this product has strong bows that roll up with the cover.

    This line of aftermarket OEM-style replacement mirrors for light duty trucks come in stainless steel, chrome and painted black finishes. The mirrors fit Ford, Chevrolet/GMC, and Dodge pickups.

    Customize the front end of your vehicle with these stylish, Stainless Steel Billet-Style Grille Inserts. Installs easily over your vehicle’s existing grille.

    The Innovators and Leaders in Professional Quality Aluminum Utility Racks. Featuring the Heavy-Duty “Hauler” Rack, Van Rack, Universal Rack, and Ladder Rack - built to last aluminum equipment-carrying solutions.

    Truxedo Lo-Pro-QT

    • Lower profile gives a sleek, clean look to the truck bed
    • Automatic tension control
    • Opens and closes in seconds
    • Rear header and bows that roll up with the cover and self-store behind the cab
    • Quick attach clamp requires no tools

    Heavy-Duty Aluminum “Hauler”

    Anodized and Bright-Dipped Aluminum construction is lightweight and rustproof. Three Cross Bars for maximum strength and durability. Heavy-Duty Support Braces for optimum structural integrity. Available in a variety of sizes to fit multiple cab options.

    Universal Removable Truck Rack (1,000 lb. RACK CAPACITY)

    Anodized and Bright-Dipped Aluminum construction is lightweight and rustproof. Available to fit on mid and full-size trucks. Adjustable Load Secure Posts. Aluminum bed mounting pockets allow for secure and easy installation or removal of rack. Pockets mount to lip and bed or truck. (Must have 6 ft. Bed Minimum)

    Removable Truck Side Ladder Rack (500 lb. RACK CAPACITY)

    Anodized and Bright-Dipped Aluminum construction is lightweight and rustproof. Available to fit on full-size trucks. Load Secure Posts adjust over a 32” range. Aluminum bed mounting pockets allow for secure and easy installation or removal of rack. Pockets mount to lip and bed of truck. (Must have 6 ft. Bed Minimum)

    Aluminum “Universal” Van Rack (800 lb. RACK CAPACITY)

    Anodized and Bright-Dipped Aluminum construction is lightweight and rustproof. Adjusts to van width. Equipped with four adjustable load secure posts. Fits vans with drip wells or can be used with Hauler Drip Well Kit Accessory.


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  • Heavy-Duty, Rear Bumpers Heavy-Duty, Rear Bumpers

    New Off-Road Styling...

    • 6” Step, 8” and 10” Drop Center Bumpers Available for Full-Size Trucks
    • 6” Step Bumpers Available in Chrome or Black Powder Coat Finish
    • 8” and 10” Drop Center Bumpers Available in Chrome Only
    • 3 Hole Hitch Section with 1” Center Hole / No Welds
    • Auxiliary Braces Required on 10” Bumper
    • Trim Top Pad Enhances Appearance and Provides Safety
    • Corrosion-Free License Plate Lamp Harness Included
    • Wider Hitch Section for Tighter Turns
    • 1000# Tongue Weight; 10,000# Gross Trailer Weight on 8” and 10”
    • 900# Tongue Weight; 9,000# Gross Trailer Weight on 6”
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  • Grip Step Grip Step

    Luverne’s Grip Step is Great for Your Work Truck Applications

    • Features a 7 inch x 2½ Inch Step Constructed of 5052-H32 Aluminum
    • Durable Black Powder Coat Finish
    • Features an Innovative Step Design for Added Traction and Safety
    • Vehicle-Specific Brackets Allow for Easy, No-Drill Installation
    • Brackets are Black Powder Coated High-Strength Steel
    • Includes Stainless Steel Fasteners and Textured Black ABS Plastic End Caps
    • Some Step Board Assembly Required
    • 78” and 114” Step Boards can be Cut to Length in the Field in Order to Make Other Lengths
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  • Cab Guard Cab Guard
    • Universal Fit on Full-Size, Current Model Pickups
    • Heavy-Duty Flat Bar Steel Construction with Black Powder Coat Finish
    • Easy Installation with Minor Drilling Required
    • Utilizes Front Stake Pocket Opening for Bracket Mount
    • Capability of Mounting Aftermarket Light on Optional Top Bar of Cab Guard (Sold Separately) Ratchet-Enabled Movement
    • Utility Light Brackets (Ratchet-Enabled Movement) Available as Accessories
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  • Big Rig Grille Guard Big Rig Grille Guard

    Luverne’s BIG RIG Grille Guard provides excellent protection for traveling the Nation’s highways

    • Heavy-Duty 14 ga. Stainless Steel 3” and 2” Tubular Construction with a Satin Finish
    • 1/4” Stainless Steel Uprights
    • 1/4” Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets
    • Easy Installation
    • Folds Down for Easy Access to Hood
    • Entire Guard can be Removed by Pulling Two Pins
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  • Baja Step Baja Step

    New Off-Road Styling...

    • Features a 3”, 14 ga. 409 Stainless Steel Accent Tube which Fits High and Tight to the Truck to Conceal the Underbody Frame
    • Step Plates are Constructed from 10 ga. 409 Stainless Steel
    • Entire Stainless Steel, No-Rust Assembly is Powder Coated Black
    • Includes Vehicle-Specific, High Strength Steel Mounting Brackets
    • Features Easy, No-Drill Installation
    • The Unique, 3½” x 12” Slip-Resistance Steps Feature Protruded Circular Treads
    • The Step Area is Over 4” Below the Top of the 3” Accent Tube
    • Step Design Allows for Easy Debris Removal with 1/2” Holes
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Prairie Truck Products

  • Truck Defender Truck Defender

    Prairie Industries, LLC, presentsTruck Defender™. This bumper is classy looking, yet protects without compromising strength, durability and appearance.

    Truck Defender™ bumpers are made from heavy-duty aluminum to custom fit your make and model.

    • Constructed of heavy-duty, reinforced aluminum
    • Designed and built on-site for your specific model and special options
    • Mirror Finish
    • Light weight
    • Easy installation
    • Made in the USA

    Protect your investment with the Truck Defender®, the lightest, best animal collision protection available.

    Dealer inquires welcome.



    Classy looking Truck Defender™ pickup bumpers with #8 Mirror finish, presented by Prairie Industries, LLC, help protect your investment without compromising strength, durability, and appearance.

    Truck Defender bumpers™ are made from heavy-duty aluminum to custom fit your make and model.

    Standard Features:

    • Constructed of heavy duty, reinforced 1/4" aluminum
    • Light weight - our aluminum fabricated grille guard weighs about 100 to 125 pounds
    • Designed and built on-site for your specific model and special options
    • # 8 Mirror Finish
    • Easy installation. No drilling necessary
    • Made in the USA

    Protect your investment with the Truck Defender™, the lightest, best animal collision protection available.


    Truck Defender™ bumpers are delivered with a limited one-year warranty against workmanship.

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  • Xenon Xenon Xenon / American Fabrication Corporation (AFC) manufactures quality low pressure Reaction Injection Molded Polyurethane automotive body styling parts and components for both OEM applications and our own aftermarket product lines. We operate tooling, manufacturing and administrative services from 37,500 square feet of facilities in Southern California including a complete Pattern and Mold department. We also inventory over 500 individual molds. The company was formed in 1973 and has been manufacturing polyurethane parts since 1980. Our friends know us as Xenon, pronounced Zee-non. We have earned a reputation as a leader in our market with a simple creed and philosophy. ...Quality starts with great design At AFC, we have the best designers in our field create visually exciting products to enhance/improve on the OEM designs. We design quality "into" our products and are proud to produce the finest products in our industry. We strive to treat our customers and suppliers with fairness and honesty.Shop Now
  • Westin Westin Westin Automotive Products, Incorporated is a manufacturer of premium quality truck and SUV accessories. We sell directly to reputable warehouse distributors and chain retailers, who in turn provide the best service to consumers, offering the widest selection of inventory and quick delivery. It is the Mission of Westin Automotive Products, Inc. to provide its customers with high demand products through the promotion of sales. Marketing programs that build brand awareness and customer loyalty support this promotion all the while maintaining the product quality that earned us our place in the industry. Today there are many choices available from a wide variety of suppliers and we know the decision making process is becoming all the more confusing. In fact, during meeting, we are often asked What makes Westin different from all the other competitors in the truck accessory market? or more simply put; Why Westin? In order to answer this question we would like you to consider the following: Over 33 years; The most complete line of Step-Up products in the broadest range of materials; Over 8 styles of Grille Guards to choose from; Consumer and Trade advertising; Authorized Dealer Program; Email Broadcasts Competitively priced products and programs; A proven record of consistent fill rates of over 90%. THATS WHY!Shop Now
  • WeatherTech WeatherTech From concept to consumer, MacNeil Automotive Products Limited have long been recognized by the discerning automotive enthusiast as a supplier of automotive accessories of unparalleled quality, MacNeil have further garnered the acceptance to supply products to many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's)! In fact, MacNeil currently supplies accessories to all three German manufacturers of luxury automobiles as well as a host of other automobile manufacturers worldwide!Shop Now
  • Warrior Products Warrior Products MTS COMPANY, L.C. manufactures and sells high-quality, replacement fuel tanks for Trucks, Jeep and SUV's. Our tanks are constructed from durable, high density, cross-linking polyethylene. Benefits of an MTS fuel tank: * Nearly 1/4 inch thick polyethylene for superior strength * No possibility of rust...EVER * Will not crack even at 150 F above or 160 F below zero * No welds or seams to fail or leak * Over 60 different models * All tanks include FREE new "O" ring and lock ring (if needed) * Five year warranty * FREE SHIPPING to 48 states via FedEx Ground service Shop Now
  • Warn Warn Warn Industries is the world's most recognized brand in off-road products. The company designs, manufactures and markets a full line of off-road equipment and accessories that enhance the performance of four-wheel-drive vehicles and ATVs. As well, the WARN Industrial and WARN Works (for utilitarian use) brands offer high-performance, quality products for today's hard worker.Shop Now
  • Volant Performance Volant Performance Not all intake systems are the same and savvy customers know which ones make more power than others. This is why Volant Cool Air Intakes are extremely popular with customers who know intake systems. What's the difference? Volant Cool Air Intakes take a different approach to making power. Volant seals conical, high-flow air filter in a box that has more air volume than factory units. This process also eliminates any chance of hot air from contaminating the intake charge to the engine. Volant has had a tradition of designing and manufacturing high-quality intake systems that are constantly tested and improved upon as vehicle models and ECM system become more sophisticated. Volant is also at the cutting edge of air intake performance with new designs that make more consistent horsepower and torque for a variety of truck and sport utility vehicle applications. With Volant the quality of components are extremely high and every system includes stainless steel hardware and high-temperature silicone sleeves that do not flex or distort, even under the most extreme conditions. All Volant Cool Air Intakes are simple to install and selling them is even easier, with plenty of media coverage and great pricing margins. But it doesn't stop there, Volant also offers your sales staff a host of accessory items for our intake systems that can continue to bring back customers to your door. Some of these include under body scoops, hoods, and high-flow Mass Air Flow Sensors that further enhance performance. For 2006 Volant is dedicated on increasing its application line which will keep your customers coming to you for quality truck products that they can depend on. Volant has been building quality products for over 10 years and has one of the highest customer satisfaction rates around. With proven quality and consistent horsepower results, Volant Cool Air Intakes are a must to carry on your shelves.Shop Now
  • UWS UWS Dedicated to professional workers and tradesmen, a complete assortment of commercial storage and carrier solutions at a great value. For the workman looking for tough, well-built storage and carrying solutions, that are as hard-working as you are. Tough. Reliable. USA Made.Shop Now
  • Tuff Country Tuff Country Tuff Country EZ-Ride Suspension was incorporated over 20 years ago realizing the desperate need for quality suspension products in the after market world. As well as supplying the 4WD enthusiast with the best quality, Tuff Country EZ-Ride Suspension also offers you the most competitive price structure in the industry. Tuff Country EZ-Ride Suspension opened its doors in July of 1988 in a small 1000 square foot facility. We have now expanded into a new 53,000 square foot high tech facility nestled at the bottom of the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah. Tuff Country EZ-Ride Suspension utilizes the transverse terrain of the Rocky Mountains and the rugged terrain of Utah's southeast desert near Moab Utah as its testing grounds. All brackets are made from high quality top grade steel and cut to precise dimensions by a state of the art computerized laser beam. What does this mean for you? It means every bracket is made the same and will allow a proper fit.Shop Now
  • Truxedo Truxedo Since the introduction of the Original TruXedo in 2000, TruXedo, Inc. has led the industry with new and innovative tonneau cover concepts that emphasize style, quality, durability and functionality. The TruXedo staff shares your passion for automotive customizing, which allows us to continue to expand and diversify our product line to meet your needs. As a valued customer, your satisfaction is our goal.Shop Now
  • TracRac TracRac TracRac, Inc. is a design and manufacturing firm headquartered in Fall River, MA., producing a full line of cargo management systems products; including rack systems, accessories and workstations. Manufactured and assembled in USA, TracRac products are functional and packed with unique features that enable custom configurations for professionals and sport enthusiasts alike.Shop Now
  • Tow Ready Tow Ready Tow Ready is brought to you by the manufacturer of Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch and Reese Towing products, the leader in the industry. With a heritage of more than 65 years, these brands are recognized worldwide as "Best-in-Class".Shop Now
  • Thule Thule Thule is the world leader within Sports Utility Transportation delivering transportation solutions for active families, professionals and outdoor enthusiasts wanting to transport their equipment by vehicles safely, easily and in style. The product portfolio comprises load carriers for cars such as rooftop boxes, roof rails and bike carriers. Additionally, the company offers snow chains, trailers, towing systems as well as accessories for motor homes and caravans. Thule has 3 500 employees at over 30 production and sales locations on all major car markets in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Net sales for 2008 amounted to SEK 6.2 billion (approx 620 M Euro). Thule Group headquarter is based in Malm, Sweden, and majority owned by Nordic Capital, www.nordiccapital.com.Shop Now
  • Tekonsha Tekonsha Tekonsha is the industry leader and innovator in electric trailer brake controls and breakaway systems. No matter what you are towing, Tekonsha can help you stop it. Tekonsha is a Cequent brand. Cequent, a TriMas company, based out of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan is an operating group that is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of a broad range of accessories for light trucks, sport utility vehicles, recreation vehicles, passenger cars and trailers of all types. Products include towing and hitch systems, trailer components and accessories, and electrical, brake, cargo carrying and rack systems. The group consists of 3 business units: Cequent Performance Products, Cequent Commercial Products and Cequent Australia. Cequent draws upon a 100-year old heritage of superior towing and trailer brands (Draw-Tite, Reese, Fulton, Wesbar, Bulldog, Highland, Hidden Hitch, Bargman, ROLA and Tekonsha). Cequent employs approximately 2,070 associates. TriMas Corporation, with its headquarters in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan is a manufacturer of highly engineered products serving niche markets in a diverse range of commercial, industrial and consumer applications through three strategic operating groups. Cequent, Rieke Packaging Systems, and Industrial Specialties.Shop Now
  • SuperSprings SuperSprings SuperSprings International Inc, is a manufacturer and distributor of Front SumoSprings and Rear SumoSprings the worlds first airless airbags; SuperSprings the unique, self adjusting leaf spring suspension enhancers; SuperSway-Stops the simple solution to reducing camper body-roll; SuperCoils the heavy duty, replacement front end coil springs; SuperKeys the forged torsion keys for lifting and leveling the front suspension while maintaining your ride quality.Shop Now
  • Superlift Superlift Formed in 1975, Superlift remains a pioneer in the industry. Today, Superlift is one of the few suspension companies that is owned and operated by actual four wheel drive enthusiasts! Our company philosophy and product line reflects this passion. Over the past thirty years we have enjoyed continued success by providing the truck / SUV owner functional products that perform as advertised. Superlift's Product Development Department staff -- arguably the industry's most talented group -- uses the latest computer modeling technology, with most of our stock vehicle data supplied by the various new vehicle manufacturers. We also understand that most people spend the majority of driving time on-road... our products work exceptionally well on-road or off. Determining what product is right for your vehicle and lifestyle can be a daunting task, especially today with so many suspension sources to choose from. We urge you to carefully research your options. Talk to fellow off-roaders, your local 4WD specialty shop, and our tech staff always enjoys a good conversation. Bottom line... do your homework and you'll discover that we've done ours. Also, please take time to review the Choosing Your Lift section of the website.Shop Now
  • Street Scene Street Scene Street Scene Equipment is the leading supplier in exterior styling accessories for your car, truck or SUV. Our staff of automotive and truck enthusiasts work hard each day to develop several new products focused on building Street Scene Equipment into the ultimate source for styling components. We have continued to design and develop items you are looking for and have now increased the range of Street Scene products to over 1800 part numbers! In addition we have received countless car and truck show awards from the leading shows across the country. Street Scene products have been seen on TV shows, rock videos and hit movies for over 10 years. Street Scene Equipment products are easy to install and will help you develop your stock vehicle into the hot looking vehicle you are looking for that will turn heads and give you a sense of your own taste and design. As you dive into this web site you will notice that we continue to expand our range of Speed Grilles, Body Styling, Cal Vu mirrors and other great styling components to include applications through the latest model vehicles. We also continue to add several new product photos and feature vehicles so that you can see the great looking Street Scene products you will be receiving. Once you have looked up the part that you are interested in purchasing, you can click on the instruction sheet to provide you with details on installation procedures prior to your purchase. Please note that we continue to release new applications and part numbers weekly. If you don't find what you need in this web site call our customer service department at 888 477 0707 to find out if we are in the process of building what you are looking for. Street Scene Equipment is a manufacturer only so if you are looking to purchase Street Scene Products, enter Street Scene Equipment in your favorite search engine and it will direct you to several leading Street Scene distributors who can help you with your purchase.Shop Now
  • Spyder Auto Spyder Auto The Spyder Auto Group has been serving the auto industry for nearly a decade. We specialize in wholesale distribution of automotive products. We are the leading providers of aftermarket lighting, tuning and styling auto parts in the U.S. Our 140,000sqft corporate headquarters is located in the City of Industry, California. Our business principle allows us to help customers customize their vehicle according to their style and preference. Spyder Auto stands by their products to ensure excellent quality control and customer support. Spyder Auto sells and Distributes products such as: Projector headlights, L.E.D tail lights, Header, Cat-back exhaust, Mufflers, Intake system, Filters, Racing seat, Sport Mirrors, Spoilers, and Front Grills. We are constantly expanding our application line to provide the latest products that this industry has to offer. Spyder Auto also houses a wholesale department that is committed to providing competitive pricing and excellent customer service. In addition, our focus is on providing knowledgeable information through our support team. This will allow the customer to build confidence in our products, and helps the customer understands what they are buying. Spyder Auto has an In-House Visual graphics design team that includes professional photographers and website management team. Please feel free to contact us for product images, catalogues, or any other questions you may have. We look forward to working with you soon! Dealers welcome.Shop Now
  • Smittybilt Smittybilt In 1956, Basil Smith, also known as Smitty, started a small machine shop in his garage, called Rock-ett Products. Being one of the original four wheel drive enthusiasts, his chief concern was to develop four wheel drive equipment for trucks and small SUVs (Jeeps). Over the years, Smitty's son Tom worked at Rock-ett and then with the newly named Smittybilt. Having been exposed to the four wheel drive lifestyle all his life, Tom was able to create new and innovative product ideas geared towards the growing off-road aftermarket industry. As the business grew, Tom created more and more exciting new products including the original Nerf Bar side step and tubular front and rear bumpers for Jeeps. Today, Smittybilt, Inc. proudly supplies thousands of active dealers and distributors worldwide with innovative truck and SUV accessories. Smittybilt has expanded its product offering to over 2,000 different products servicing the international truck and SUV markets. The constant involvement of management in the off-road markets has kept Smittybilt in touch with the latest market trends and on the forefront of engineering and design. Welcome to the new Smittybilt where innovation and quality are once again at the forefront of product development. Get the Original, Get Smittybilt!Shop Now
  • Skyjacker Skyjacker At Skyjacker, we believe our relationship with Jesus Christ has been the driving force in the success of our company. Since our pioneering days in the early 1970's, Skyjacker's fieldproven expertise is suspension systems; lift kits and systems along with all the necessary components and accessories you need. People have always enjoyed heading out into the great outdoors to satisfy their sense of adventure. With everything, there are always some people who want to go farther and conquer more territory. These are our customers...and the customer is always right. Throughout Skyjacker's over 30-year history, we have never backed down from our dedication to our pure passion of off-roading, and we never will. Skyjacker's philosophy has always been to Provide the best designed, advanced engineered, and most innovative suspension that the 4x4 industry has ever seen and used. We engineered the definition of what a quality suspension should be: a suspension system that works in form and function to the highest level of achievement possible with the highest quality of materials and resources available. At Skyjacker, we're listening! By hosting, sponsoring, supporting and participating in a vast array of outdoor events, Skyjacker is extending a helping hand to the total sport of off-roading. Look for our Rock Ready Tour Team at the events. That's right, We Test Where You Ride. By designing, testing, up grading and then more testing, Skyjacker is surpassing the demands of both our customers and the harshest terrain.Shop Now
  • Rubicon Express Rubicon Express Two Jeep enthusiasts looking to improve the quality and performance of products available to off roaders founded Rubicon Express in 1996. Located moments from the Rubicon Trail, Rubicon product are real-world tested to ensure the highest quality, comfort, and safety. Our Goal is to provide Jeep enthusiasts with suspension components of the highest quality and greatest value. Our staff members are all Jeepers, and will do their best to answer any questions about our products you may have.Shop Now
  • Roll-N-Lock Roll-N-Lock Roll-N-Lock, the most advanced retractable truck bed cover made, has redefined the rules for truck bed security. From its retractable function, which permits opening or closing in literally seconds, to its rigid, vinyl-over-aluminum laminated construction, this hybrid cover offers everything other covers do not. Youll have no snaps to manipulate, no roll or bundle to lash down or stow, no cross bars to negotiate, no fabric shrinkage to struggle with, and best of all no worries about the security of your cargo. The Roll-N-Lock retractable bed coverby far the most sophisticated and versatile truck bed cover made. Roll-N-Lock Corporation was established in 1992 by the management and engineering staff of Solaroll Shade and Shutter Corporation, a leading manufacturer of retractable (rolling) storm shutters since 1974. Many key members of the Roll-N-Lock management and design team have been working together for more than 20 years.Shop Now
  • Road Armor Road Armor Road Armor is the worlds leading bumper manufacturer dedicated to manufacturing performance products that lead the industry in form, fit, and finish. If some of our designs look familiar to other knockoff competitors products; they should. We were the first to use a high-angle faceting approach to design our products, and with the release of our Stealth line of bumpers we have lead the industry since 2002. Having produced over 10,000 winch bumpers in our careers we are now building a more successful company than ever dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Using the latest in parametric 3D CAD software and state-of-the-art equipment we offer products that are unrivaled in design as well as fit and finish, and at the most competitive prices. Check out the competition, you won't find a better product for your money. We take great pride in our ability to meet the needs of the most demanding truck/SUV owner. With over twenty five years experience in engineering and manufacturing complex products, we will exceed your expectations in every way. As a SEMA member you can trust that you are dealing with a company that is committed to customer satisfaction in every way, if something is not right we will do everything in our power to make it right - every time. We look forward to providing you the highest quality, strongest, best looking, best performing front and rear winch mount bumpers for your truck, jeep, or SUV. ROAD ARMOR The Power to PerformShop Now
  • Rigid Industries Rigid Industries Rigid Industries, located in Mesa Arizona, is the industry leader and originator of the most efficient LED lighting solutions. Our patented Hybrid and Spector Optics systems and state of the art electronics technology makes our LED products second to none. While providing the best product on the market, we still maintain class leading affordability with a US made product. Rigid Industries is the pioneer of the forward projecting high intensity LED light bars. Out patented technology allows our lights to project up to 40% more Lux while drawing up to 50% less power than any competitor.Shop Now
  • ReadyLift ReadyLift The Best Truck Leveling & Lifting Systems - Guaranteed to maintain your factory ride! ReadyLift Suspension Inc. is the #1 preferred manufacturer of truck and SUV Suspensions Leveling and Lift Kits that are guaranteed to retain your factory ride while providing the looks and lift every truck owner wants. Check out our new Top Mount Strut Extensions, Forged Torsion Bar Keys, OEM Style Lift Blocks, Mild Lift Kits and more!Shop Now
  • RBP Rolling Big Power RBP Rolling Big Power At this time, RBP has contracted with several hand-picked manufactures who are producing a variety of products built to RBPs exclusive design. The ever-growing list of products manufactured and marketed by RBP includes diesel performance exhaust systems; grilles for diesel and gas pickups; a variety of custom bright-work, also for diesel pickups; exhaust tips for both diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles and a complete line of custom wheels. RBP also markets several diesel performance products produced by recognized manufactures, products that have passed the companys stringent in-house testing and meet the RBP criteria of excellence.Shop Now
  • Raptor Raptor CYC Engineering, Inc was founded with the concept of providing high quality products at the most competitive prices. With over 40 years of combined experience in engineering, design and manufacturing, we can produce labor intensive products with consistent high quality and precision at affordable prices. Raptor Series manufactures high quality stainless steel bull bars, step tubes and bed rails. Our most popular product category is the 4 inch oval and 5 inch oval stainless steel step tubes. These oval tubes are known for its distinctive high polished stainless steel end caps and Super-Brite finish. In the highly competitive market of truck accessories, Raptor Series is the brand of choice when consumers are looking for consistent high quality truck accessories at competitive prices.Shop Now
  • Rancho Rancho Rancho is the off-road suspension and shock division of Tenneco.Shop Now
  • Ranch Hand Ranch Hand The Ranch Hand logo has been recognized since 1986 as the symbol of quality. We have paved the way in the heavy-duty truck accessory market by setting our standards high in design, manufacturing and quality of our products. Ranch Hand offers a full line of quality truck accessories for full size Ford, Chevy, GMC and Dodge pickups and sport utility vehicles from half ton and up, including grille guards, front bumper replacements, back bumpers, headache racks, winch attachment systems, tool boxes, and steps. In addition, the Toyota Tundra, Sequoia, and Tacoma grille guards are now available as well as the Jeep Bullnose and back bumper. Each Ranch Hand product will come with the necessary mounting hardware and detailed mounting instructions.Shop Now
  • Putco Lighting Putco Lighting Putco is the industry leader in automotive accessories including chrome trim, LED lighting, step bars, truck accessories, and stainless steel fender trim.Shop Now
  • Putco Putco Putco is the industry leader in automotive accessories including chrome trim, LED lighting, step bars, truck accessories, and stainless steel fender trim.Shop Now
  • Pro Comp Suspension Pro Comp Suspension Pro Comp is globally recognized as one of the leaders in off-road technology. Since 1992 we've been manufacturing high quality, durable products for on and off road racers and enthusiasts. Pro Comp is located in beautiful San Diego, California. If you have questions about our organization that is not detailed in our website please contact us. Thank you for your interest in Pro Comp.Shop Now
  • Pop and Lock Pop and Lock Acquired by VSI, LLC on November 1, 2011, Pop & Lock has been in the automotive aftermarket industry for over 18 years. With operations currently located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Pop & Lock leads the industry in manual and power tailgate locks. Pop & Lock continues to expand its product offering to include applications that accommodate tailgates on emerging truck models. Shop Now
  • PIAA PIAA PIAA Corporation was established in 1963 with the commitment to manufacture world-class products that our customers could use with pride and confidence. Today, PIAA upholds that commitment by combining market driven concepts with the latest technology to make night and inclement weather driving as safe as possible.Shop Now
  • Pace-Edwards Pace-Edwards Our mission is to become the best known and most successful truck accessory manufacturer by offering the highest quality products, technical service and marketing support in the industry. We will exceed our customers expectations by producing the highest quality aftermarket truck accessory products on the market, using the most cost-effective and efficient manufacturing techniques, and engaging our customers in the design, production, delivery and service of our products. By steadfastly working toward this vision, Pace Edwards will continue to grow in the aftermarket truck accessory market. Pace Edwards is the premium brand for assured quality, function, and innovative designs that work! The industry leader in tonneau covers for more than 20 years, our specialties include spring-activated and electric retractable hard tonneau covers. We manufacture three of the highest quality tonneau covers available on the market today including; the BedLocker Electric Tonneau, the JackRabbit Spring-Activated Retractable Tonneau, and the original Roll-Top-Cover Manual Tonneau. As the authoritative voice for function and style, we don't stop at tonneau covers. We proudly market additional lines of products that compliment the functionality and design of our tonneau covers including; the ToolTop, PowerGate, Visor Shelf-It, and many more. At Pace Edwards, we enjoy what we do. As enthusiasts ourselves, we take pride in providing you-our valued customer-with timely, accurate, and friendly service. After all, we're in this together! That is why we offer an array of direct benefits to YOU ranging from our technical support, quick and accurate shipments, and a thorough knowledgebase of each product we offer. Our commitment to your satisfaction is apparent in all that we do here at Pace Edwards.Shop Now
  • N-Fab N-Fab N-FAB is the industry leader in making quality Nerf-Bars, Pre-Runners and other Off-Road accessories. We design and manufacture the strongest, most durable and best looking Nerf-Bars available in the industry today. At N-FAB are committed to building a heavy duty, high end, high quality tubular parts for all the latest trucks and SUV's dating back to the 80's. When others are using thinner and thinner tube to cut cost we still use heavier gauge .084 wall steel, with an all welded one piece construction. We Zinc coat each part for better corrosion protection. Lastly we finish our standard parts in a thick layer of high gloss powder-coating for a long lasting finish coat. These standards far surpass any of our competition. If you want products that are unique and designed to last longer, look cleaner, function better then N-FAB has what you are looking for!Shop Now
  • Lund Lund Premium vehicles deserve premium accessories. That's why Lund brings light truck owners top-quality products that combine innovative, distinctive styling and rugged, year-after-year durability. From running boards to tonneaus, visors to wings, hood shields to cargo management, Lund's acclaimed accessories combine the variety and eye-catching good looks light truck enthusiasts need to make a great vehicle even better.Shop Now
  • KC HiLites KC HiLites Every manufacturer tests their products. It's part of the process. At KC HiLiTES however, our ideas spend a lot of time in the laboratory before a light is even prototyped. We try to view our ideas as our customers do from the original inception to the final inspection. Is there a need; how can we best fill the need; how bright a light; what color of light; what shape pattern is needed; which housing is best suited for the application? These are just a few of the issues that we address before we really get started prototyping a new lighting unit. We prefer to test them in the real world of high performance racing. Since way back in 1970, feedback from professional drivers has helped steer our designs in the right direction. This open dialog with racers and enthusiasts has helped us to continually refine our thinking, and it shows in the performance of our products. It's also safe to say that every KC HiLiTES product that makes its way to market has graduated with honors from the school of hard knocks. At KC HiLiTES, we didn't become the dominant force in auxiliary lighting overnight. In fact, we've been traveling down that road for over 35 years, paved or not. Over that time, we've designed, engineered and manufactured the most advanced auxiliary lighting available. In the process, we've also built a rock solid reputation for quality and performance. That's why more and more drivers ask for KC HiLiTES by name. As the original manufacturer of off road auxiliary lighting, KC HiLiTES not only set the standard for the category, we created it. And while our thinking has always evolved, look close and you'll see a bit of our pioneering spirit in every new KC HiLiTES product.Shop Now
  • K&N Filters K&N Filters K&N Engineering, of Riverside, California, is the inventor and leading innovator of reusable cotton gauze filter technology for automotive applications. From humble beginnings as a family run business over 35 years ago, K&N Engineering, now a truly global company with offices in the U.K. and the Netherlands, continues to exist as a family owned business with an enthusiast mindset and a direct connection with motor sports that carries over throughout all levels of management and manufacturing. Today, K&N exists as both the sales and brand leader for performance filters, and maintains a stocking catalogue of over 3,500 part numbers, including an extensive line of both factory replacement drop-in filters, FIPK (Fuel Injection Performance Kit) applications, and its line of innovative Performance Gold oil filters. The cornerstone of K&Ns philosophy has been, and continues to be, that automotive performance does not have to have a shelf life, or to stand at odds with the quality of life of the purchasing consumer or others. Put simply, the benefits of increased performance associated with K&N filters contributes meaningfully towards money savings, fuel savings, and a dramatic reduction in environmental waste for the life of the vehicle in which the filter is installed. K&N appreciates that a little education goes a long way in helping consumers take an active role in thinking for the first time about air filters, and then taking an active stance in choosing the filter that is right for them and best reflects their values and needs. With this choice made, K&N consumers become K&N advocates for life, giving lifetime another layer of significance.Shop Now
  • Iron Cross Automotive Iron Cross Automotive Be prepared for products that will change the way you and others look at your truck. Drawing from 25 years experience in the aftermarket and Original Equipment industry, we are able to bring you the highest quality parts available using state of the art technology combined with old fashioned hard work. Iron Cross prides itself as one of the only remaining 100% American made manufacturers of automotive accessories. If you want American Made products, contact your local retailer and ask for Iron Cross Automotive.Shop Now
  • ICI (Innovative Creations) ICI (Innovative Creations) ICI is a manufacture of Truck and Automotive Accessories, specializing in stainless steel products, like Nerf Bars, Oval Bars, Wheel to Wheel Nerf Bars, Rocker Panels, Pillar Post Trim, Chrome Door Handle Trim, Mirror Covers, Bed Caps, Bed Rails, Mud Flaps, Grill Guards and many more custom accessories for your truck or auto more. ICI Truck and Automotive Accessories is the original trim manufacture with first's in the market like Rocker panels, First to make Bed caps, and the First to come out with a high Polished Stainless Steel Nerf Bar. All of our stainless Side Bars and Running Board accessories are backed by a life time warranty. For a list of our Truck and Automotive Accessories retailers and distributors go to our dealer locator. There you will find some of the best automotive accessories experts in the country. ICI is proud of the quality we put into every Truck and Automotive accessories product we make and just as proud of our distributor network. When it comes to Truck and Automotive Accessories there really is a difference with ICI. ICI Truck and Automotive Accessories - where Quality and Service is still our top priority!Shop Now
  • Husky Liners Husky Liners It started with a passion for hunting and fishing trips, combined with a neat streak. Bob Tyler would take his Lab on his trips, but his vehicle would end up with mud splattered all over the floor. When Bob looked for a washable liner to protect the cargo area, there was none to be found. So he decided to make one for himself and the Husky Liner was born. Winfield Consumer Products demonstrates that neat streak as the facility is clean and well lit, providing an atmosphere for a safe work environment and the manufacture of a quality product by employees who care. It is a privately held company, whose primary business consists of designing, manufacturing and supplying automotive accessories for light trucks, sport utility vehicles, vans and cars to the aftermarket. Starting in 1988, the Company designed the original custom fit floor and cargo liner. WCP has grown from that idea to a 197,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution operation, becoming the automotive aftermarket's leading source for thermo-plastic floor and cargo liners. WCP's proprietary products include Husky Liners branded custom fit floor and cargo liners, heavy duty floor mats, custom molded mud guards, aluminum accessories and various other products to serve the aftermarket. WCP controls the entire process of its products, from the product design and tooling to warehouse and distribution with a strong commitment to quality, customer service, financial strength and the well being of its employees. The mission of Winfield Consumer Products is to meet, and where possible, exceed the requirements of our customers. This is demonstrated by being the originator of the custom fit floor and cargo liners, having the engineering and design team be customer focused and having the best customer service and distribution in the industry, with virtually all orders received shipped within 24 hours.Shop Now
  • Hopkins Hopkins The Image of Difference. The Image of Difference isn't just a nice sounding slogan. It describes a business philosophy that has been the cornerstone of our business for almost a half century. As we approach our 50th Anniversary, we can recall how, time after time, innovative Hopkins products have redefined what's expected and gone beyone the ordinary. From establishing a standard in headlamp aim; providing safer vehicles on the road, to introducing the Hoppy, Ice Scraper-in-a-Mitt; the number one selling gift item in North America... Hoppy is known for innovation. If you haven't purchased Hoppy products before, you're in for a pleasant surprise.Shop Now
  • Highland Floor Protection Highland Floor Protection Cequent Consumer Products, Inc. has more than 85 years experience as a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative accessories for light trucks, sport utility vehicles, recreation vehicles, passenger cars and trailers. Our broad product line features some of the most dependable products manufactured today, such as superior-quality towing and hitch systems, trailer components and accessories, as well as electrical, brake, cargo carrying and rack systems. Recognized worldwide as best in class, Cequents market-leading brands include: Bulldog: High-end manufacturer of tough and trusted Bulldog jacks; Fulton: Popular choice for premium Sharkskin coated marine products; Highland: Leader in cargo management and vehicle protection products; Reese: Premier North American manufacturer of hitching systems; ROLA: Renowned premium cargo management solutions providerShop Now
  • Hidden Hitch Hidden Hitch Hidden Hitch has been manufacturing a complete line of premium trailer hitches and towing accessories since 1968. Six strategically placed warehouses and sales professionals across North America, enable Hidden Hitch to provide just-in-time delivery of its towing products and industry-leading customer service. Hidden Hitch is known for its ability to be first-to-the-market in offering products to its customers, and for leading the industry in order-fill-rate. Recent new product introductions include a line of fifth wheel hitches, gooseneck-style trailer hitches and weight distribution hitches for heavier towing requirements. Hidden Hitch has always been committed to delivering products and services of the highest quality. In 1997, Hidden Hitch became the first trailer hitch manufacturer to have a quality system registered to QS 9000-1998 and ISO 9001-1994. QS 9000 is a quality system developed by the Big Three automakers. Each year we are audited to uphold these standards. Hidden Hitch is dedicated to ensuring the safety of our products. We test all of our products to exceed V-5/CSA standards in our world class test facility. In 1999 our lab became ISO/IEC SAE guide 25 accredited. It is a high-tech facility that simulates real life conditions over expected product life cycles.Shop Now
  • Hella Hella The Behr Hella Service joint venture makes a wide range of vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling parts and services available to customers: More than 1,000 articles provide a high market coverage; service parts round off the complete Thermal Management range. My Hella Lights is a new website geared towards consumers that provides information on Hella's line of Performance Lighting. There are many new products including a new line of Xenon lamps, upgrade tailamp kits for Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, and Ford trucks, and more.Shop Now
  • GTStyling GTStyling Xenon / American Fabrication Corporation (AFC) manufactures quality low pressure Reaction Injection Molded Polyurethane automotive body styling parts and components for both OEM applications and our own aftermarket product lines. We operate tooling, manufacturing and administrative services from 37,500 square feet of facilities in Southern California including a complete Pattern and Mold department. We also inventory over 500 individual molds. The company was formed in 1973 and has been manufacturing polyurethane parts since 1980. Our friends know us as Xenon, pronounced Zee-non. We have earned a reputation as a leader in our market with a simple creed and philosophy. ...Quality starts with great design At AFC, we have the best designers in our field create visually exciting products to enhance/improve on the OEM designs. We design quality "into" our products and are proud to produce the finest products in our industry. We strive to treat our customers and suppliers with fairness and honesty.Shop Now
  • Go Rhino Go Rhino No matter if you are the hard-core offroad enthusiast who spends the weekend traversing the sides of cliffs or simply the on-road driver who wants to look stylish on your way to the beach, Go Rhino! has the stuff for you.Shop Now
  • Firestone Ride-Rite Firestone Ride-Rite More than seventy years ago, Firestone started developing a full air-based suspension for passenger cars. Firestone Airide air springs were installed on the new line fo general Motors buses in the late 50's. Later that decade, air springs began to gain popularity in luxury vehicles. Over the next 20 years, technology improvements in other suspension components, such as compressors and valves, helped support the growth of air suspension. In the 1970's, Ford Motor Company incorprated air suspension in the Lincoln Town Car and Continental. Firestone has continued to be innovative in product design, material selection and customer service, prviding our customers with improved ride quality and safe load-carrying capabilities.Shop Now
  • Fia Fia For over twenty-five years Fia has been a leader in quality and innovative textile engineering for the automotive aftermarket. With the major focus on the end user, Fia has developed innovative designs in both interior and exterior custom accessories.Shop Now
  • Fabtech Fabtech Established in 1989, Fabtech started as a small custom fabrication shop specializing in building suspensions for Prerunners and Race Trucks. Fabtech has since grown into a world class manufacturer of Suspension Systems and accessories for the offroad enthusiast. Fabtech operates a 200,000 sq. ft facility in Chino, California performing all phases of R&D and Manufacturing in house. Suspension designs are created internally and hand crafted by Fabtech's team of Race Shop fabricators and engineers for proper functionality and performance. State of the art CNC Lasers, Mills, Lathes and Welders construct each component for exceptional quality control and superior strength. Unique designs, extensive testing and superior strength is why Fabtech builds the finest 2 & 4 Wheel Drive Suspension Systems on the market today.Shop Now
  • Fab Fours Fab Fours Fab Fours Inc. is the worlds leading bumper manufacturer dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and design ingenuity in every performance product we develop. Ranging from ones tow rig to trail rig, you can count on the underlying fundamentals at Fab Fours to ensure that you have the best product at the best price with unprecedented customer service.Shop Now
  • Extang Extang Extang, Inc. manufactures America's number one selling pickup truck bed tonneau and tonno covers, pick up truck accessories, and tonneau - tonno truck bed cover products since 1982. Extang was the first tonneau manufacturing company in America to sell the tonneau - tonno pickup truck bed cover, tonneau pickup truck accessories, tonno pick-up truck accessories, tonneau truck bed covers, and tonno pickup truck bed covers nationwide. Extang engineers created the No Damage, No Drilling, Clamp-On Aluminum Frame tonneau truck cover and the tonno pickup truck bed cover systems. We care about our tonno truck cover customers and understand how much you love your pickup truck. That leads us to design and build only the finest tonneaus - tonnos made so that they can be backed by the best pickup truck accessories and aftermarket pick up truck products warranty in the automotive industry. The Extang Warranty has you covered longer than most pickup truck owners will own their pick up trucks. So why worry? Our Extang tonneau truck cover customers receive a Lifetime warranty on the tonneau truck cover, tonno pickup truck frame and 10 Years limited warranty on any of our tonneau - tonno pick up truck bed covers and tonneau truck bed cover tarps. That's more than enough! There's a long road ahead and Extang tonneaus - tonnos have you and your pickup truck covered, protected and secure. Just like our pick up truck tonneaus - tonnos!Shop Now
  • EGR EGR EGR manufactures and distributes high quality automotive accessories in North America. Servicing the Automotive Aftermarket, EGR offers a broad range of high quality products including: Hood Deflectors (SuperGuards & Aerowraps), Window Visors (In-Channel & Tape-on), Fender Flares, Bed Rail Caps and SunRoof Deflectors. As one of the largest supplier of these type of products to more OEMs around the globe than any other supplier, EGR is able to meet the highest OEM quality standards. All EGR products are produced on either a CNC or Robotic machine to guarantee our products fit right the first time. At EGR, we are also proud to claim that we extrude our very own sheet that goes into making our products. All of these high quality OEM capabilities benefit your Aftermarket EGR product. Made right here in the USA, EGR's products are built to fit exactly to your vehicle and made to last a life-time.Shop Now
  • DU-HA DU-HA Whether youre a contractor, sportsman or simply someone looking for a great way to organize your pickup truck, the DU-HA is perfect for you. The DU-HA allows you to store your guns, ammunition, hunting gear, fishing rods and reels, tackle, GPS, binoculars, power tools, rain gear, tow ropes, tie down straps, first aid kit, bungee straps, jack, hats, boots, gloves, jackets, chains, jumper cables, spare batteries, etc. safely and securely either under or behind the back seat of your pickup truck. The DU-HA includes a 2 piece gun rack/organizer, so you can safely store your guns in their upright position. The DU-HA acts as a legal gun case in most states and carries 2-4 guns depending on the configuration for your truck. All DU-HA storage units come with a 30 day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty. Every DU-HA is constructed of heavy duty polyethylene and is virtually indestructible. Shop Now
  • Draw-Tite Draw-Tite Draw-Tite was started in 1946 by Bill Whichello, an inventor. Bills first product was a clothes line tightener. He called it a Draw-Tite. Unfortunately, that was about the time residential clothes dryers became popular and there wasnt much call for the original Draw-Tite. Fortunately, Bill was also an avid RVer. He built a trailer hitch for his car and, since he already had the name copyrighted, he called it a Draw-Tite. Soon, Draw-Tite became a symbol of craftsmanship in the towing industry. The basis of Draw-Tites continued success is that our trailer hitches are custom-fit for each vehicle. This makes them easy to install. A dealer simply bolts Draw-Tites one piece, welded trailer hitches to the vehicles frame. Most installations take 30 minutes or less. Our trailer hitches are covered by a Nationwide/Lifetime limited warranty. We have over 10,000 dealers throughout North America. So wherever you live or travel, there is always a knowledgeable and helpful Draw-Tite dealer nearby. This is especially important when you consider nearly 100% of our consumers use their trailer hitch to tow outside of their local area. If they need assistance, the dealer they bought from can easily be hundreds of miles away. Currently, Draw-Tite manufactures over 750 different trailer hitches and over 600 accessories and parts covering approximately 3850 vehicle applications. We operate a manufacturing facility totaling 100,000 square feet of state-of-the-art production capabilities in Goshen, Indiana. Seven regional warehouses offer same day shipment of orders up to 2,000 lb. placed by 2:00 PM. Occupying an additional 100,000 square feet in total, our warehouses are located in Corona, California; Goshen and Southbend, Indiana; Oakville, Ontario; Starke, Florida; Burlington, New Jersey; Arlington, Texas and Fife, Washington.Shop Now
  • Deflecta-Shield Aluminum Deflecta-Shield Aluminum The highest quality accessories for trucks, SUVs and vans you can buy, Deflecta-Shield Aluminum products are the perfect match of great form and unbeatable function. From our popular toolboxes, which offer the latest features in style and security, to the newest look in running boards that enhance vehicle styling and improve access, all Deflecta-Shield Aluminum products are highly engineered and built for lasting performance.Shop Now
  • Dee Zee Dee Zee LIFE should not be a hassle. Dee Zee strives to offer products that make your truck or SUV fit the way you live your LIFE. Our steps (Running Boards and Nerf Steps) make it easier to get in and out of your vehicle. Our Tool Boxes give you extra lockable storage, and our Floor Mats help keep your carpet cleaner. Personalize your vehicle to fit your needs and your LIFE. Dee Zee is here to Add More LIFE to Your Truck. Innovation is under the roof at Dee Zee. With various facilities to house robotics, various machines and to accommodate production processes, Dee Zee is equip to set trends in the market. From tool and die, stamping, production and finishing processes, Dee Zee has the technology to cut costs and adapt to the market needs. How can Dee Zee processes help your business? Dee Zee was among the first to offer factory controlled powder-coat protection to their aluminum products. Whether the coating is clear or black, the powder-coat finish prevents oxidation on the material and guarantees the ease of soap and water cleaning. Dee Zee has the ability to put some materials through an in-house vacuum metallization process. A very thin layer of metal is applied to the desired surface to produce a brilliant shine. Dee Zee uses this process primarily on racing wheels, but can be used on several types of products due to the range of colors it can produce. When Dee Zee is in need of a new machine or die, they dont have to look far. Dee Zee operates Tool and Die facility to produce in-house machines, CNC machining programs, and die castings. Dee Zee also operates a stamping facility with various presses to produce complex die stampings. The uses of robotics in Dee Zee facilities provide accuracy and efficiency. The robots not only allow Dee Zee to keep the cost of their products lower, but ensure damage free product handling and precision welding techniques.Shop Now
  • Daystar Daystar Daystar has been Designing and Producing Precision Plastic Components for Four Wheel Drive Trucks, Motocross Bikes, Passenger Cars, and Mountain Bikes since 1977. We produce millions of plastic injection molded parts every year on micro processor controlled Van Dorn molding machines ranging in size from 85 to 400 tons. The design and production of elastomeric boots or bellows is a Daystar specialty. We have developed proprietary design software, specialized injection molding bases, special purpose robotics, and unique boring and turning tools that enable us to provide the optimum boot solution to our customer at unrivaled tooling and piece part prices. Daystar is a recognized specialist in manufacturing cast polyurethane elastomeric and microcellular foam parts for the automotive industry. We have developed several families of proprietary polymer formulations that give us the ability to match material properties to the specific application at hand. Engineering excellence is not just a catch phrase at Daystar - it is the foundation of our company. Daystar engineers can execute all aspects of the design process for part modeling and simulation to multi axis toolpath creation. Daystar has been producing high quality injection molds for over 30 years ranging in sophistication from single cavity prototype molds to multicavity molds with hot runners and side actions. Our production facility includes multiple dispensing lines, a clean room for steel preparation for bonding operations, several custom designed automatic parts trimmers, a laboratory for testing part designs and material properties, and most importantly, a skilled team with a proven track record.Shop Now
  • CURT Manufacturing CURT Manufacturing CURT Manufacturing, Inc. (CMI) stands for EXCELLENCE in our products and our people. CMI is a Manufacturer, Importer, and Distributor of Towing System products, OE Trailer products and Specialty Equipment products that combine competitive price, unsurpassed quality and unparalleled aesthetics. CMI aspires to be the industry leader by recognizing that the customer is King and that our people are our greatest asset.Shop Now
  • Covercraft Covercraft World's largest manufacturer of custom patterned vehicle covers and products such as SeatSavers, UVS Heat Shields, Canine Covers, Pocket Pods and SeatGloves.Shop Now
  • CIPA Mirrors CIPA Mirrors CIPA's experience in the development and manufacture of rearview mirrors is derived from the European automotive industry. Until 1985, CIPA-USA was a subsidiary of CIPA-France, and innovative industry leader for over 65 years. Established in 1926, CIPA-France has played a major role in the design evolution of rearview mirrors. Clients in the European market include BMW, Mercedes, Renault, Volvo and Volkswagen. In the US market, CIPA mirrors can be found on Chrysler and Ford vehicles, plus some of the finest motorcycles, boats, ORV's, personal watercraft and snowmobiles manufactured. Since 1985, CIPA-USA has been a privately held U.S. Corporation operating in Port Huron, Michigan. CIPA has continued to show healthy growth year after year. CIPA currently manufactures its products in the U.S, Asia and France, and continues to provide high quality, fast-moving products setting sales volume records in almost every category sold. CIPA's high level of customer service and 'just in time' deliveries have converted CIPA from just a mirror supplier to a business partner. In 1987, CIPA entered the marine industry as a supplier of rearview mirrors to tournament ski boat manufacturers. Today, CIPA supplies mirrors to 100% of the tournament ski boats manufactured in the U.S. Since its entry into the marine industry, CIPA has introduced many innovative mirrors to enhance rearview safety in the family recreational and PWC segments. In the spring of 1992, CIPA introduced the first PWC aftermarket mirror, and remains the only company selling mirrors in that market today. CIPA-USA is the only company in the world with a full line of mirrors for all watercraft types.Shop Now
  • Carr Carr In March of 1945, Vernon Lester Carr started V.L. Carr & Son Pattern Co. in an old metal shop behind his house in Los Angeles, California. Early in 1983, a whole new industry opened up to them which was an entirely different industry than what had been their mainstay since 1945-the automotive aftermarket. Once the decision was made to change the course of the business into the automotive industry, investment money was gathered and the production facility was expanded. Extensive research, development, and design resulted in the introduction of aluminum cast light bars and truck steps, which were introduced at SEMA, where one of CARRs products won second place, clearly establishing them as serious new competitors. Today, CARR, as it is popularly known, is in virtually every major warehouse across the United States and Canada, and has established itself as a company whose accessories place it among the major competitors in the industry. With over 60 years of manufacturing excellence, CARR is a third-generation business, who remains firmly committed to product innovation and design, hassle-free customer service, and offering the consumer various choices in steps, light bars, and other accessories. We hope that as you browse our web-site you find items that work for your vehicle, smartly enhancing its appearance, at practical affordability. All CARR accessories are manufactured for a precise fit for today's vehicles. Our manufacturing processes allow us to design products that give your vehicle unique personal style and appeal. Our cast aluminum construction is time-proven for durability and strength. All CARR products carry a limited lifetime warranty. CARR Products can be found in auto, truck, and RV accessory dealerships nationwideShop Now
  • Bushwacker Bushwacker We've built a reputation as the leading manufacturer of fender flares and truck accessories on almost 40 years of design and innovation. From the development of our first fender flares for the Ford Bronco, to our latest releases - our passion for style and our determination to offer Simply The Best products and unmatched service continues. Transforming & Customizing your truck or SUV with Bushwacker products has never been easier. Our consumer approach to easy installation, our commitment to offering the highest quality products and our unmistakable style set us apart. It's a spirit that you will find in all of our products and throughout the company, it's the spirit that drives us! Our commitment to style and innovation is a part of every product we make. All designs are meticulously scrutinized for every detail, using the latest standards in design and manufacturing. All Bushwacker products are computer-designed for accuracy and proper fit. We only use the toughest materials in our products, able to withstand the harshest environments. And we back that up with outstanding customer service: this is something you'll never find with other brands. Don't accept anything less than Bushwacker, we set the standard in style and product quality with every product we make. We're not afraid to back this up either. Our free Limited Lifetime Guarantee testifies that when you buy Bushwacker, you know you have a product that will last. Its our commitment to the automotive aftermarket that drives our style and our commitment to a quality product. Our #1 Customer Service request is Can you make a Bushwacker product for my vehicle? Believe us, we'd love to make Bushwacker products for everyone! We see this as a great compliment, so keep those requests coming and we'll keep adding style and innovation to your vehicle for years to come!Shop Now
  • Bully Dog Bully Dog Bully Dog was formed in 1998 in Aberdeen, Idaho. The founders of Bully Dog Michael, Phillip, and Daryl Klassen were heavily influenced by their father Harolds interest in improving vehicle performance. Several years prior to the companys inception, Harold had experimented with increasing performance on his diesel farm tractor by injecting propane into the engines combustion chamber. Bully Dog products are developed with you in mind and each of you has a different need, want and desire. Our products, all the way back to the first propane kits, reflect that. Bully Dog products are built to be flexible, allowing each user to get their own desired result, from outrageous performance on the race track to improved fuel economy driving down the highway. Bully Dog products have you covered with increased performance, added safety and improved economy. This is evident with the Triple Dog Downloader, Outlook Monitor and the new Performance Management Tool. These products offer the safety of a module married to the performance and flexibility of a downloader. Product innovation is key and Bully Dog takes innovation very seriously. In the past 8 years, Bully Dog has been first to market with product fitment and function over 80 times. They are the ONLY manufacturer that allows you to take their product for a free test drive with the Tri Before You Buy program. And in 2005 with the release of the Triple Dog Downloader and Outlook Monitor, Bully Dog revolutionized the market with the ability to adjust power, safety and economy levels on-the-fly while driving down the road. So what are you waiting for, find the right product for your vehicle and Unleash the Power!Shop Now
  • Bulldog Bulldog For more than three quarters of a century, Bulldog round and square trailer jacks have demonstrated to be the most reliable, field-proven jacks on the market. Tough and trusted, theyre built with uncompromising strength and materials engineered to hold up under rigorous working conditions. By operating smoothly and efficiently, Bulldog jacks and our complete line of heavy-duty trailer couplers will protect your valuable equipment for decades of normal use virtually maintenance free. See for yourself why Bulldog round jacks are recognized as the industry standard by leading agricultural, commercial, horse, livestock and other trailer manufacturers. * Easy Cranking * Smooth, Comfortable Ergonomic Design * Dependable Vertical- and Side-Load Capacity * Proven Reliability for Long-Term Use at Rated Loads * Precision-Fitted Parts for Extra Stability * The Bulldog brand is owned by Cequent Consumer Products, Inc., part of the Recreational Accessories business segment of TriMas Corporation.Shop Now
  • BOLT Lock BOLT Lock STRATTEC Security Corporation is the worlds largest manufacturer of automotive locks, keys, and related access control products, and is the primary lock supplier to Ford, GM, and Chrysler. STRATTECs history in the automotive business spans 100 years.Shop Now
  • Body Armor Body Armor Maker of roof racks, trail doors, bumpers, swing arms, diff covers and other 4X4 accessories.Shop Now
  • Bilstein Shocks Bilstein Shocks When August Bilstein laid the foundations for the innovation incubator BILSTEIN in Altenvoerde in Germany's Westphalia region in 1873, nobody had any idea of the crucial influence the company's products would one day have on the driving comfort and safety of cars. Instead it was metal window fittings - sold under the catchy name of AUBI, an abbreviation of August Bilstein - that soon made the company famous far beyond the boundaries of Bilstein's local region and even abroad. The name BILSTEIN has for many decades been closely associated with high tech in the field of suspension design, driving comfort and safety. In order to expand this position in the future, BILSTEIN became a division of ThyssenKrupp Technologies AG in 1988, and a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2005. The partnership and co-operation within the group will enable the company to continue to inspire with innovations in the traditional BILSTEIN way. Shop Now
  • Bestop Bestop Bestop has been in business for over 50 years. Starting out as a small trim shop making canvas tops for WWII Jeeps in Boulder, Colorado, we have gradually expanded our product lines and operation over the years to be your full service Jeep top and Jeep accessories provider. Bestop has been the factory original supplier to DaimlerChrysler for Jeep soft tops since 1986. Bestop has also been the factory supplier of soft tops and accessories for Suzuki, Isuzu, GM, Toyota and many other small SUVs. Additionally, we've also been serving the Toyota truck market and Toyota accessories market for Land Cruiser for over 30 years. At Bestop, we proudly utilize the finest materials and adhere to the factory original specifications for fit, function, style and craftsmanship so you know youre getting the best there is.Shop Now
  • Bedslide Bedslide BEDSLIDE is simply the easiest way to load and unload your truck. It turns your truck bed into a sliding drawer. BEDSLIDE is about efficiencyminimum time and energy for maximum results. BEDSLIDE is all about getting the job done right. There is a BEDSLIDE model to fit almost any truck, van or SUV to make loading, transporting and accessing your freight simple and safe. Each BEDSLIDE can be adapted with custom boxes, racks or dividers. Plus, our riv-nut mounting system makes installation and removal a cinch. Manufactured in the U.S.A., BEDSLIDE has built its reputation on precision craftsmanship, dependability and durability.Shop Now
  • BedRug BedRug BedRug by Wise Industries is the ultimate in truck bed protection. Finally an ALL-PLASTIC liner that maximizes the use of your pickup! BedRug beats hard liners and spray-on liners for hardworking performance.Shop Now
  • Banks Power Banks Power Banks Engineering - First and foremost, Banks is an engineering firm. Established in 1958, Banks has grown to 200+ employees on a 12-acre campus. The Mechanical Engineering Department, staffed with world-class automotive people, designs and tests the latest high performance equipment. In the Race Shop, Banks special project vehicles feature cutting-edge diesel and gasoline development, multiple turbo applications, mind-boggling horsepower and head-turning style. Sophisticated electronic engineering technologies are applied to engine improvement in the rapidly growing Computer Systems Engineering Department. Gale Banks Engineering designs turbocharged engines from the centerline of the crankshaft, out. Banks Prototyping - Gale Banks Engineering is the company others come to for advanced research and development, including outside the box projects for both product feasibility and image-generating media attention. Major automakers, including Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, Volvo and Pontiac, have relied on Banks expertise and capabilities. Banks Testing - When it comes to testing, Banks engineers are as ruthless as they are uncompromising. Only the most advanced equipment and facilities are used for testing and re-testing existing products, production prototypes and experimental designs for performance, durability and compatibility. Ongoing testing ensures unparalleled functionality, product endurance and quality control. Banks Manufacturing - The Banks difference is clearly demonstrated in its Manufacturing Division. While many aftermarket suppliers farm-out designs or assemble grab-bag kits from various sources, Banks manufactures to exacting specifications every product it designs. Banks Capability - Gale Banks Engineering applies an unmatched combination of experience, capabilities and design/engineering/manufacturing savvy to provide automotive services and solutions that keep raising the aftermarket industry bar.Shop Now
  • BAK Industries BAK Industries Our belief is that just because a truck is used for work, doesn't mean it should look like a work-truck. It is possible to elegantly craft rugged and strong products and still maintain a clean look of sophistication and style. We endeavor to produce products that are not only functional and practical, but made to match OE lines and existing accents on your specific pickup truck. All BAK products speak for themselves in terms of quality and appearance. A tremendous amount of thought and creative styling is evident in every product manufactured by BAK Industries. Over the years, BAK INDUSTRIES has grown from strength to strength with our loyal support and commitment to our customers around the world. We endeavor to continue to better ourselves with each passing year, taking a personal interest in all of our customers businesses to ensure them of the finest quality bedliners and service world wide!Shop Now
  • Backrack Backrack Twenty years ago we made our first BACKRACK. Since then we have seen competitors come and go trying to copy our design. While they might add a one size fits all product to complete their product line, they cant match our attention to detail that results in a custom fit, no drill application tailored to fit your truck. BACKRACK is our only product and all our energies are focused on offering you the best product possible. Drilling holes into the sheet metal of your new truck is against the male code of ethics. Like applying suntan lotion on another guys backits just wrong. It also costs you big money at the end of a lease so we design our install kits with clever bolts that dont require drilling. If however your truck doesnt have stake pockets we must break the code. Trucks come in different widths. Cabs come in different heights. One rack to fit all trucks might be convenient for the manufacturer but wont look so good on your truck. Our competitors try to take the easy way out by making a one size fits all deal at the expense of your trucks good looks. We however have taken the time to design our products for each and every truck. Use our Choose your Ride feature to get the right product for your truck. Oh yeah, one size fits all is another way of saying lets drill some holes in your truck. Twenty years ago we designed the BACKRACK. Twenty years later the same man still owns the company and still gets dirty in the shop on occasion. When a business owner is involved in the day to day operations of a business he is personally invested. The result is a quality product created by caring employees. Although our manufacturing processes are modern, our commitment to quality is old school.Shop Now
  • B&M B&M As performance enthusiasts today, most people are accustomed to having access to whatever performance parts they need for their vehicle readily available at their local dealer. It usually never crosses anyone's mind who invented these products? Who was the first to identify the need, then develop and manufacture that product? Since the very early 1950s, B&M has been at the vanguard of the growing automotive aftermarket. Racers themselves, B&Ms founders identified the needs of local racers and street performance enthusiasts, and developed products to fill those needs. As the industry grew so did B&M. And as racers went faster, B&M developed products to help them break the records they just set. In the 50's it was B&M who came up with the idea of using a performance reinforced Hydramatic for racing. In the 60s it was B&M who developed shifters to go along with it, and later in the decade came race converters. In the 70's shift and transmission improving kits, and always the constant refinements and expansion of existing product lines. If youve ever raced a vehicle, or driven a hot rod with an automatic transmission, high stall torque converter, an aftermarket automatic shifter, or performance enhancing shifting kit, thank B&M. From Trick Shift performance ATF to reverse pattern valve bodies, 1.80 gearsets to cool canisters, the list of firsts goes on and on. Its this tradition that keeps moving B&M to identify and develop what the performance enthusiast needs. As racing and street performance has spread globally, B&M has taken its extensive knowledge and experience and applied it to the needs of racers, everyday drivers and hobbyists around the world. Keep looking to B&M to continue to be amongst the very first to identify vehicle needs in the global automotive aftermarket, supplying enthusiasts and racers what they need, performance!Shop Now
  • Auto Ventshade Auto Ventshade Great looking, great fitting and guaranteed to turn heads, AVS accessories add both function and fun to any ride. Combining value, contemporary styling and unmatched durability, AVS products are easy to install, easy on the eyesand easy on the budget. From Ventvisors to hood shields, light covers to hood scoops, our accessories are built to last and designed to fuel your imagination.Shop Now
  • Aries Offroad Aries Offroad Aries Automotive hit the road running in 1997. We have since become an industry leader in providing the latest truck and SUV models with unparalleled tubular steel, aluminum, carbon fiber and ABS plastic products. We have furthered our success by recently expanding our operations in San Antonio, Texas, Harbor City, California, and Richmond, Canada. This has enabled us to meet the increasing demands for our unique and innovative products with on time delivery, at competitive rates. When searching for the latest model application, or simply a top quality automotive aftermarket product, call on Aries Automotive.Shop Now
  • ARB 4x4 Accessories ARB 4x4 Accessories Today, we supply and manufacture a complete selection of the most highly regarded 4WD accessories in the world. Unlike many 4x4 equipment suppliers that simply stock a collection of parts with a low cost, one size fits all mentality, ARB thoroughly researches and tests each product before releasing it to the 4x4 public. We consider many factors during this analysis, including specific vehicle characteristics, the conditions the product will work in, and the overall quality of the product itself. Take suspension systems for example. Many aftermarket 4x4 suspension kits ignore the obvious differences between varying vehicle suspension set-ups and driver requirements, offering instead an increased ride height and little else. ARBs Old Man Emu suspension division employs a very different approach. Typically our OME engineers will purchase the vehicle in question, test it in a variety of conditions to determine if and where improvements can be made, then develop a line of finely tuned, totally integrated suspension systems, each offering varying degrees of comfort, load carrying capability and control characteristics. When combined with our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants and a highly skilled workforce, this attention to detail is what sets ARB 4x4 equipment apart. So whether youre new to 4WDing and putting your first truck to the test, or a 4x4 veteran getting set for your next off road adventure, you can rely on ARB 4x4 Accessories we wont let you down.Shop Now
  • Anzo USA Anzo USA Anzo USA offers the best quality performance lighting products at the lowest cost. All ANZO USA products are S.A.E. (Society Automotive Engineers) and D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) compliant to FMVSS no. 108 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards); and manufactured in a state-of-the-art ISO 9002 and QS 9000 quality certified factory. In order to ensure perfection, we rigorously test every ANZO USA lighting products in a Thermo-Hygrometer (temperature and humidity chamber) and Rain-Resistant Tester. As well as thoroughly exposing all of our products to intense photometric testing to guarantee strict compliance with local, state, federal and international standards. All of our lighting products are designed using CAD/CAM computerized equipment and these modern designs are then tested using a 3-dimensional testing machine to insure precision and accuracy in the research, development and design of our molds.Shop Now
  • AMP Research AMP Research OPEN DOOR. STEP ON BOARD. AMP Research Power Step automatically deploys for easy stepping in and out of your high-riding truck. When doors close, this power-operated running board retracts safely out of sight with no loss of ground clearance. The AMP Research Power Step is built to perform in severe driving conditions and is backed by a 5-year/60,0000 mile warranty.Shop Now
  • All Sales All Sales AMI carries the largest line of accessories to enhance your car or truck. Whether you drive a Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Jeep and Nissan youll surely to find exactly what you need, by simply searching our product database.Shop Now
  • Air Lift Air Lift Air Lift Company has been developing air spring suspension products for more than 50 years. The original product, a rubber air spring inserted into a car's factory coil spring, was developed and patented in 1950. Air Lift Company has the longest history of product development dedicated solely to the development of light vehicle air suspension products. In the 1950s, Air Lift pioneered the use of air spring inserts in coil spring suspensions. Then, in the 1960s, the company introduced the use of sleeve-type air springs on pickup truck suspensions. Use of air helper springs and motorhomes followed in the 1980s with street rods and lowered vehicles the new target in the 1990s. Today Air Lift Company is a leader in aftermarket air suspension products which are an evolution of the company's engineering excellence and breakthrough development programs. In fact, Air Lift has won more SEMA awards for air spring development than any other company. Air Lift products are sold throughout the world and can be engineered to fit almost any coil or leaf spring suspension. The extensive product line includes everything from air helper springs for cars, vans and trucks to full air suspension replacement and control systems for recreational vehicles, emergency vehicles, hot rods and lowered performance vehicles. Air Lift also leads the industry in no-drill applications-kits that bolt on to the vehicle's frame, simplifying and speeding installation. Air Lift Company is committed to fulfilling the requirements of their quality management system: to develop, manufacture and continuously improve the highest quality products that fit, work and last. Their goal is to consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of their customers.Shop Now
  • aFe Power aFe Power Advanced Flow Engineering, Inc. (aFe) produces high flow, high performance air filters & intake systems for the automotive industry. Founded in April, 1999, aFe was created to address an obvious need in the automotive aftermarket industry: a lack of choice for a high performance aftermarket air filter. We are a team of engineers, machinists, production and sales people who believe in the product we design. We each have years of experience in our respective positions and together work to ensure that we have the best product on the market. Our purpose was not just to be another vendor that offers air filters, we chose to pay attention to those finer details that set an aFe filter apart from the competition. We currently offer aftermarket air filters for passenger cars, light trucks and SUV's. We also have many applications for round racing and universal clamp-on filters. To find your particular application, please use our new search engines. If you do not see your particular application listed, please contact us.Shop Now
  • AEM Induction AEM Induction Innovation has always been AEMs core competency. As J.C. would say if you cant make something better, why make it all? This make it better drive combined with our commitment to the sport compact market continues to distinguish AEM from the many companys offering Me Too copycat products. Our innovations are inspired by a passion for engineering excellence, being there and getting our hands dirty, the only way to really understand technology enough to make it better. The company continues to lead the way with innovative products that push the envelope of what is possible.Shop Now
  • Access Cover Access Cover Agri-Cover, Inc. was established in 1981 as a grain truck cover manufacturer. Over the next 10 years , they introduced the SRT-2 Spool Roll Tarp and the EZ-LOC Roll-Up Tarp. In 1991, they introduced the revolutionary Access Roll-Up Cover. The first of its kind, this product is the #1 selling roll-up tonneau in North America. Agri-Cover, Inc. also manufactures the popular LiteRider, Lorado and all new Vanish Roll-Up Covers. Utilizing their philosophy of making products that make sense, they introduced the SnowSport Utility Plow in 2000. The SnowSport is the most user-friendly and affordable snow plow on the market today. In 2003, it was awarded the prestigious GM Best New Product Design Award. Agri-Cover, Inc. is located near Jamestown, ND and has been recognized with the North Dakota Business and Industrial Development award as well as with the Jamestown Business of the Year award.Shop Now

Tonneau Covers

  • Truxedo (Soft Cover) Truxedo (Soft Cover)
    • Fully closed to fully open in 20 seconds
    • Works in all climates
    • Fast, easy roll-up design lets you use the truck bed anytime, anywhere
    • Low profile design
    • Colors available
  • Access Soft Cover Access Soft Cover
    • High quality material
    • The all-season truck cover
    • Takes only seconds to open or close
    • The proven choice in tonneau covers
  • A.R.E. (Hard Cover) A.R.E. (Hard Cover)
    • Styled to match each truck's design
    • Stylish design enhances vehicle appearance
    • Great protection, security and utility at a great price